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Wallace’s Ten Most Downloaded Publications of All Time

Principals lead the way in our list of most-downloaded publications
October 19, 2017 2 Min Read

Since launching our Knowledge center in 2003, thousands of people visit and find our library of published research, reports and other tools every day. So, what are they looking for?

Here’s a list of our Top 10 Most Downloaded resources as of fall 2017:

  1. How Leadership Influences Student Learning  (Published September 2004) – 562,902 downloads
    In this hallmark publication on school leadership—our most downloaded report of all time—the authors suggest and investigate the notion that in order to improve schools, focus should be placed on not just teachers, but also on principals and administrators.
  2. The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning (Published January 2012) – 372,094 downloads
    This report is no longer on our website and has been converted, along with new information into a newer report, How Principals Affect Students and Schools, published in 2021.
  3. Learning From Leadership: Investigating the Links to Improved Student Learning (Published July 2010) – 108,970 downloads
    Based on six years of quantitative data, this report confirms that effective school leadership leads to student success, showing that teachers, principals, district leaders and state policymakers all have an impact on learning.
  4. The Three Essentials: Improving Schools Requires District Vision, District and State Support, and Principal Leadership (Published October 2010) – 95,857 downloads
    Published by the Southern Regional Education Board, this report examines how school districts and states are failing to provide principals with what they need to turn around America’s challenged middle and high schools.
  5. The Making of the Principal: Five Lessons in Leadership Training (Published June 2012) – 74,323 downloads
    Like many of the education leadership reports before this one, Making of the Principal highlights the problems facing principal training programs and offers five steps to better training.
  6. Strong Nonprofits Microsite: Program Based Budget Builder (Published February 2013) – 72,373 downloads
    This tool, from our nonprofit financial management microsite, allows an organization to build a budget and list revenue across different programs and functions, including allocation of personnel and direct and indirect non-personnel expenses.
  7. Preparing School Leaders for a Changing World: Lessons from Exemplary Leadership Development Programs – Final Report (Published April 2007) – 72,197 downloads
    In this groundbreaking report, Stanford University authors provide case studies and guidelines to help district and state policymakers reinvent how principals are prepared for their jobs.
  8. Strong Nonprofits Microsite: A Five-Step Guide to Budget Development (Published February 2013)  – 60,387 downloads
    This guide, also from our nonprofit financial management microsite, provides a team-based approach to budget development, including goals, personnel and process.
  9. The Effective Principal: Five Pivotal Practices that Shape Instructional Leadership (Published April 2012) – 50,675 downloads
    The most recently released publication on our top-10 list, the Effective Principal highlights five practices that characterize the leadership of principals who can make a difference in teaching and learning.
  10. Services to People: Challenges and Rewards. How Museums Can Become More Visitor-Centered (Published April 2001) – 40,954 downloads
    This one dips way back into our archives, but practitioners looking to create a visitor-centered approach to museums still find it useful.
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