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Report Series: Early Themes in Education Leadership
Part 12 of 14

Schools Need Good Leaders Now

State Progress in Creating a Learning-Centered School Leadership System

A Southern Regional Education Board report concludes that states are making only slow progress toward ensuring that all schools leaders put instruction first.
October 2007
Male teacher in a suit talking to a female student in a school with many students walking in the background
  • Author(s)
  • Cheryl Gray, Betty Fry, Gene Bottoms, Kathy O’Neill, and Susan Walker
  • Publisher(s)
  • Southern Regional Education Board
Page Count 30 pages


School systems, states and universities must back up principals with measures that support “learning centered” work. But this Southern Regional Education Board look at 14 states concludes that progress toward adopting necessary policies remains “modest at best.” The report also describes ways to accelerate progress, including using licensing power to drive reform.

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