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StrongNonprofits Toolkit

September 13, 2018
Resources to strengthen your nonprofit financial management

Cash Flow

Once you have completed your annual budget process, these tools can help your team translate your newly minted operating budget into a detailed cash flow projection over the course of a fiscal year.​

StrongNonprofits Toolkit

Understanding Your Finances

Do you understand the implications of your revenue and expense models on your cash flow? Are you prepared for potential challenges with best-practice solutions for cash flow management?

This article in Nonprofit Quarterly by BDO's Hilda Polanco and John Summers looks at how a variety of business models impact cash flow and addresses the “almost inevitable occasions” that inflows don’t match outflows.​

StrongNonprofits Toolkit

Cash Flow Projections

This template can help you translate your operating budget into a detailed cash flow projection, including expense details over the course of a fiscal year. Download the template and watch the video for guidance on how to use it. ​

StrongNonprofits Toolkit

“Basic” Cash Flow Projections Template

​​This simplified version of the cash flow projections template allows users to compare detailed revenue projections to high-level expense estimates on a monthly basis, identifying potential cash shortfalls up to 12 months in advance.​​​

StrongNonprofits Toolkit

Next Steps: Operations

Once you have built your budget and cash flow projections, use the resources to ensure that your Operations​ are set up to manage and report on your finances year-round.

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