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The Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Podcast

Practitioners in schools and out-of-school programs share their experiences working together to help children develop SEL skills in this five-episode series.
Denver Munroe Elementary Youth Development

The Partnerships for Social Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) is a comprehensive, multiyear initiative exploring whether and how children can benefit from intentional partnerships between schools and out-of-school time programs focused on building social and emotional skills – and what it takes to do the work. Research has found these competencies promote success in school, career and life.

A new podcast series from The Wallace Foundation shares findings and early lessons from a RAND Corporation study of the PSELI initiative. The five episodes feature in-depth conversations with practitioners in schools and afterschool programs, and leaders in districts and out-of-school time intermediary organizations, about their experiences working together to help children develop social and emotional skills.

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