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Connected Arts, Creative Kids, Thriving Communities

How two musicians are using the Wallace-commissioned Connected Arts Learning Framework to engage young people and help them discover identities and communities.
March 19, 2024
A group of Black students perform on stage
Host & Guests

Olivia Cosío, Sounds That Carry

 Olivia Cosío Headshot

Renate Rohlfing, Sounds That Carry

Rohlfing Headshot_Arts Podcast

Host: Sarosh Syed, The Wallace Foundation

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Because we cannot get away from our histories, as much as some people try. So what we really try to do is to encourage the teaching artists to be able to embrace and to use their histories. 

— Renate Rohlfing

About the Episode

In this episode, two classically trained musicians, Olivia Cosío and Renate Rohlfing, discuss how they use a Wallace commissioned publication, The Connected Arts Learning Framework, in their work to help improve arts education. Through the firm they co-founded together, Sounds That Carry, the duo designs educational programs for schools, nonprofits, and other community organizations. Hear them explain how arts education can be used to tap into communities' histories, focus on students' well-being, and cultivate meaningful and lasting connections between individuals and communities.

If you're using Wallace resources in your arts program, please reach out to us. We'd love to hear about it! 

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