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Proposed Priorities and Definitions in Discretionary Grants Programs—School Leaders

Comments from The Wallace Foundation to U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, including recommendation to replace the word “educator” with the phrase “teachers, principals, and other school leaders”
July 28, 2021


Wallace submitted this letter in response to an invitation for comments on a proposed U.S. Department of Education rule, Proposed Priorities and Definitions: Secretary's Supplemental Priorities and Definitions for Discretionary Grants Programs

Wallace recommends replacing the term "educators" with "teachers, principals, and other school leaders" throughout the proposed priorities except for sentences meant to refer solely to "teachers" or "principals and other school leaders." The language change would signal that investments in improved principal effectiveness are a permissible use of funding, something that state and local officials might not conclude from the more general term “educators.”  

The recommended change would keep the language consistent with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and subsequent education department regulations and guidance, the letter says. It also would make clear the importance of principals and other school leaders to the six priorities listed in the proposed rule. This would send a consistent message about the impact of high-quality school leaders.


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