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Guidance on Title II Funding and School Leadership

Joint letter from Wallace and two other organizations to Secretary of Education John King seeking issuance of non-regulatory guidance making clear that the Every Student Succeeds Act's Title II applies to principals and other school leaders
May 25, 2016


Wallace co-signs this letter asking that the U.S. Department of Education issue guidance on the allowable uses of funding under Title II of the Every Student Succeeds Act for services to improve school leadership. 

The letter notes that although Title II has traditionally allowed spending for both teachers and leaders, funding is often not sought for leadership. Given evidence that improving principal training and support can be a high-leverage strategy for school improvement, states and districts would benefit from a clear understanding that they have the flexibility to use Title II funding for school leadership development.

The letter is accompanied by FAQ sheet containing a number of typical questions from districts and states along with recommendations for possible department guidance to answer the questions. One recommendation is to name leadership positions, such as principal supervisor, eligible for services under Title II. Another is to offer examples of strategies districts could consider to attract prepare, assess, support, and retain effective leaders. 

Wallace is one of three signatories to the letter. The other two are the Council of Chief State School Officers and AASA, the School Superintendents Association.

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