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New episodes focus on successes, lessons learned and what’s next
September 3, 2019 2 Min Read
Principal Pipeline Infographic

Last January, we launched the first series of The Principal Pipeline podcast, featuring in-depth conversations with leaders who have been implementing principal pipelines—a systematic approach to leadership development and support—in their states and districts. Following the release of new research showing the effectiveness of these efforts, we created Series Two to explore how pipelines benefit districts, schools and students.

The first two episodes focus on two major findings from the new research: that pipeline districts saw notable, statistically significant benefits for student achievement, and that these districts also saw improved principal retention. Leaders discuss how pipelines created stability, networks of support and clear standards that led to these improvements.

“It confirms what many of us as practitioners already know,” Linda Chen, chief academic officer for New York City public schools says in Episode 7. “A great principal really impacts the outcomes of students.”

Researchers join the podcast for Episode 9 to share how they were able to reliably measure outcomes across 1,100 schools and how they linked student achievement improvements to the pipeline.

The final two episodes look ahead at the long-term sustainability of pipelines. In Episode 10, district leaders explain how they were able to maintain all four pipeline components two years after funding from The Wallace Foundation ended. And Episode 11 examines the role that districts, states and universities play in building and supporting principal pipelines, including how to tap funding from the Every Student Succeeds Act.

“When we think about universities and districts, and then the state role, I think it's all working in tandem to make sure that we're creating the best opportunities for principals,” said Carissa Moffat Miller, executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers.

You can stream The Principal Pipeline podcast on our site, where you’ll also find more information about each show, or download them from iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

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