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The New York City Aspiring Principals Program

A School-Level Evaluation

A study compares student achievement in schools led by principals from the NYC Leadership Academy with similar schools led by others.
August 2009
A teacher dressed in a suit looking at a science project, with a teenage boy standing next to him
  • Author(s)
  • Sean P. Corcoran, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Meryle Weinstein
  • Publisher(s)
  • Institute for Education and Social Policy, New York University
Page Count 68 pages


The New York City Aspiring Principals Program was established in 2003 to train future principals to turn around underachieving schools. This first systematic look at program-trained principals shows that after they led schools for three years, their students outperformed comparable children in English Language Arts. A follow-up study found that schools led by principals from the program had a steeper improvement trajectory in English and math than similar schools led by other principals.

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