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Central Office Transformation for Equitable Teaching & Learning
Table of Contents
Implementation Tips
  • Author(s)
  • Meredith I. Honig and Lydia R. Rainey
  • Publisher(s)
  • District Leadership Design Lab, University of Washington
Page Count 73 pages

In each section of the guide, the first half addresses common limitations in central office work. The second half features research on transforming that work to support practical, equitable teaching and learning, including worksheets and estimates of how much time to allot for each activity. Activities within each section guide you through the learning process.

  • Begin with the introduction, which focuses on foundational ideas from the research.
  • Then, turn to the section of the self-study guide most relevant to your role. 
  • Eventually work your way through all the sections, since shifts in any one central office unit may depend on changes in others.
  • Gain insights that will help you move from business-as-usual to new ways of thinking about your work and actionable steps toward positive change.
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