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A Hot Time for Summer Learning

​​​​​​​In this 2022 podcast series, field experts, researchers, and practitioners explore why summer matters and how to design, implement, and fund high-quality programs that blend academics and enrichment​.
King Squonk 8

High-quality summer learning plays an important role in the lives of our nation’s young people. Summer learning programs can bolster academic knowledge and skills and connect young people to engaging and enriching learning experiences. In the wake of the pandemic, high-quality summer learning programming has become an essential part of children’s learning recovery and well-being.

A new podcast series from The Wallace Foundation features leading field experts, researchers and practitioners who are involved in summer learning and enrichment on the national, state and local levels. Learn how they are planning for these important programs, what it takes to make them effective and engaging for young people and what is being studied and learned along the way.​​ 

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