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Wallace Launches New Web Site Aimed at Improving Visitor Experience

Wallace Launches New Web Site Aimed at Improving Visitor Experience
June 20, 2011

Lucas Held
The Wallace Foundation  

NEW YORK, N.Y., June 20, 2011 – The Wallace Foundation today launched its new Web site at that makes it easier for users to find ideas and information, learn about the foundation’s strategies and gain access to multimedia resources.

Developed in response to a survey of users, the site improves the visitor experience through better organization, new material, and a new look and feel. The new site:

  • Simplifies browsing by grouping information under more detailed topics like “principal training,” “coordinating after-school resources,” “summer learning,” “arts classroom instruction,” and “strategies for expanding audiences;”
  • Ensures that video and other multimedia can be reached as easily as reports;
  • Provides more concise descriptions of reports;
  • Adds new material about Wallace’s philanthropic strategy so visitors understand the links between what Wallace funds and the ideas and information it generates;
  • Includes a new database of grantees;
  • Expands information on the foundation’s history;
  • Features a rotating carousel of important reports and other resources;
  • Offers an airier, more modern design with more photos.

“Sharing knowledge is crucial to our mission of expanding learning and enrichment opportunities for children,” said Lucas Held, the foundation’s director of communications. “The new advances our mission by making it easier for visitors to find what they need from among more than 200 knowledge products, and also makes clear the link between those products and the foundation’s strategies.”

Development of the new site was managed by an internal Wallace team with the aid of Threespot of Washington, D.C., which designed the site, susQtech of Winchester, Virginia, which built it, Acronym Media of New York City, which advised on search engine optimization, and O+CO of New York City, which performed initial survey work. Wallace’s earlier Web site was developed in 2004.


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