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Shoring Up Two Critical Roles, Assistant Principals and Principal Supervisors

Episode 6: In Prince George’s County, leaders explain how these two roles can help strengthen the principal pipeline.
March 28, 2018
Principal Blake
Host & Guests

Host: Lucas Held, Director of Communications for The Wallace Foundation


  • Doug Anthony, Associate Superintendent of the Office of Talent Development in Prince George's County Public Schools
  • LaTanya Sothern, an assistant principal in Prince George's County
  • Kasandra Lassiter, a principal supervisor, a position also known as an instructional director, in Prince George's County.

School districts looking to build their benches of highly qualified principals might consider rethinking two other important jobs: assistant principals and principal supervisors, based on the experience of Prince George’s County, Md. District and school leaders discuss how they are helping prepare assistant principals to become effective principals, and how principal supervisors are moving away from a focus on administrative compliance to an emphasis on better supporting principals on the job, as they work to create the conditions for good teaching to flourish.


We started to grapple with this notion of how do you build assistant principals as the bench for your principal positions? 

— LaTanya Sothern

About the Series

The Principal Pipeline Podcast features principals, district and state leaders, and university officials who have developed strong principal pipelines and are eager to share their lessons learned with the broader field.

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