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Envisioning–and Enacting–Equity in Arts Funding

Wallace’s Porché Hardy visits the Why Change? podcast to discuss the foundation’s work in the arts–and more
August 22, 2023 15 Min Read
Envisioning–and Enacting–Equity in Arts Funding

​​​​​​Porché Hardy, Wallace’​​s senior program officer in the arts, sits down for a conversation with Jeff M. Poulin and Ashraf Hasham, co-hosts of Why Change?, a podcast on the arts as a driver of creativity and change, particularly for young people.

Over the course of the nearly 40-minute episode, Hardy reveals what drives her personal passions for the arts and education, shares updates on Wallace’s current arts initiative focused on organizations founded by, with, or for communities of color, and discusses how Wallace and other funders can take a more equitable approach to giving.

On this last point, she says:​


“It’s important that if we’re talking about arts organizations that are led by people of color—or any arts organization or any nonprofit that is in the funding space—they need to be at the table for any decisions that are being made about them as a whole.”

For more of Hardy’s insights, check out the full episode of Why Change? ​​

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