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New Catalogue Showcases Wallace Publications and Online Resources

July 24, 2012

Need a quick, printable guide to what you can find in The Wallace Foundation's growing online library of free reports, articles, guides and online features?

Download our new brochure, highlighting significant recent works, older publications that continue to garner interest from the public – and one coming attraction.

For more than 15 years, Wallace has been issuing reports and other materials to help those tackling questions ranging from how to improve the public education system to how to engage more people in the arts.

The new Knowledge From Wallace brochure showcases a number of these 250-some resources, focusing on publications in the areas of school leadership, after-school programming, summer and extended learning time, and arts education. We hope it's useful to you – and for sharing with others who might find the publications helpful.

Based in New York City, The Wallace Foundation is a national philanthropy that seeks to improve education and enrichment for disadvantaged children. The foundation has an unusual approach: funding projects to test innovative ideas for solving important social problems, conducting research to find out what works and what doesn't and to fill key knowledge gaps – and then communicating the results to help others.


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