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District Summer Learning Network

Since 2022, this effort has been helping school districts nationwide in how to plan and run effective summer learning programs. States are receiving guidance on how to enhance their role in summer learning.
Five children sitting at the top of a blow up slide

What we're doing

The network is assisting about 80 districts and a handful of states that want to know more about how to support effective summer learning programs. The spur was interest in summer efforts to help children recover from uneven schooling during the pandemic. Services include one-on-one guidance from experts in summer planning and operations. One topic is use of federal COVID-19 relief funding to develop high-quality programs. Another is how to sustain those programs once funding ends in 2024-2025. The districts also take part in meetings to discuss lessons and common concerns. State education agencies receive guidance on such matters as policy to boost summer learning.

What we're learning

New York University's Metro Center is studying the effort. 

Our Grantee Partners


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